Sunday, October 7, 2012


Yesterday Greg and I went with some of his friends to Oktoberfest, which was up Little Cottonwood Canyon at Snowbird. It was exactly what I needed! Chilly air, good friends, and good beer. I tried a mixture of the Wasatch Apricot and Raspberry wheat beers first, which was extremely good! Everyone try this. Later we got Honeyed Apples, which were hot apple cider with Barenjager -- painfully good. The best part of the day had to be my Bavarian Bratwurst in a pretzel bun! They had some amazing Bavarian food; I wish I could go back and try all of it!

Later in the evening, after freezing our asses off up in the mountains, we sat in a friends' hot-tub and warmed up. It was a super fun Saturday, but I'm ready to sit curled up in a blanket for the rest of today. Sunday is for being as lazy as humanly possible.

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